Policies and Procedures

Domestic and International attention of governments have increased the requirements that companies must meet concerning the security and privacy implementations in their organizations. Requirements have recently expanded into those normally self regulated. This expansion of mandates and definite guidelines has prompted companies to improve the security posture of their systems.
In addition to that, several industries now require their third-party service providers to abide by not only their corporate standards, but also federal and industry regulations regarding privacy & security. With regulations like NIST 800-53, PCI DSS , FISMA, GLBA, SOX, STIG and HIPAA it is not uncommon for organizations to be bound by at least a half-a-dozen regulations or internal standards with various overlaps and dependencies.

STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc. helps clients perform accurate and cost effective Risk Assessments, Security Audits and to develop and drive a comprehensive Risk Management and Security program to comply with these regulations. Companies affected by the following regulations will benefit by many of the services offered by STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc., and be able to maintain continually an improved security posture moving forward.

What we do for you

Whether a company has policies, procedures and standards that need to be reviewed and updated, or developed from scratch, STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc. can help. Our services include policy assessment and development to ensure that security systems are being fully leveraged in accordance with corporate guidelines , security best practices and regulatory compliance. We provides policy consulting and design based on national, international and federal standards to  ensure that the business requirements of the organization are met and adhered to:

  • Operational Policies & Procedures
  • IT Process & Procedures
  • Strategic Policies
  • Security and Regulatory Standards
  • Third Party policy review, adherence and audit