Risk Management

Global Risk Management and Analysis

Understanding the organizations risk from a domestic or global viewpoint has never been more complex or difficult to manage and analyze.  We help clients understand where their organization may be vulnerable and develop structures and systems to minimize these vulnerabilities.  Our services include:

  • Review of current risk management strategies
  • Develop risk management strategies, policy and procedures
  • Develop business continuation strategies

Operational Risk Analysis and Planning

Operational risk analysis provides a realistic picture of the organization’s exposure that may not be evident from a purely domestic viewpoint.  Audits are carried out to determine areas where an organization or business may be at most risk.  We provide recommendations on how the risks may be managed to increase productivity. Reviews result in recommendations that indicate the most effective way of dealing with risks. Our recommendations provide substantial cost savings over existing operational practices and management. Technology reviews provide clients with an overview of the effectiveness of their current technology infrastructure. The technology infrastructure within an organization generally represents a significant investment. It is important that this investment performs to its optimum level. Audits analyze the effectiveness and cost of a client’s technology and Information Technology. The review process will reveal areas of duplicated costs, inefficient technology configuration, critical technology components or inappropriate application of technology.