IT Project Management

Schedule. Budget. Scope. Balancing these three, often conflicting interests is the cornerstone of effective project management. Unfortunately, the information technology (IT) industry has a terrible track record when it comes to project performance. Statistics suggest that no more than a quarter of all projects meet cost, schedule, and functionality targets.

STEALTH – ISS® Inc. experts have over a decade of success in providing IT project management services to clients. By standardizing and streamlining the tasks in a project to promote efficiency, we are able to guide projects to completion without sacrificing thoroughness. Through extensive industry knowledge and experience, our professionals can not only help clients avoid typical risks that threaten a project’s success – they are able to recognize the signs of less common problems before they balloon into disaster.

Successful project management delivers successful projects. STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc. provides services such as:

Project plan development & assessment Communication is key. We will develop a step-by-step process for managing projects to cultivate a link between the management team and the technical players.Project rescue Is your project in trouble? Use our experts to minimize budget overruns and get your project back on track to meet your business objectives. Implementation management & support Make sure that your physical move, organization-wide technology upgrade or migration goes smoothly by depending on us for project planning, execution, and control expertise. Procurement planning & management Do you know how to choose the right technology, vendor, or service provider for your project? We will assist with procurement, service provider selection, development and management.

Whether you are faced with a one-time initiative or you don’t have enough necessary project management resources, STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc. can provide you with experienced project managers to staff and lead your projects to successful completion.