Project Development

Multilateral Project Development and Management

STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc.has assisted customers with large international projects in cooperation with global institutions in various geographic regions including CIS countries, Asia, Eastern Europe, South and Central America.

We provide our customers with a global strategy and viewpoint for domestic and international projects. These projects can be identified and developed as part of tender, privatization or project processes that are issued by governmental entities or multilateral institutions.

The information STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc.offers in the area of international commercial or multilateral financing institutions such as The World Bank, IFC, EBRD, InfoDev, etc. will assist our clients take better advantage of the many available financing possibilities.

We can assist you in identifying the key requirement of multilateral funding organizations (EU, USAID, The World Bank, EBRD, etc.) that are necessary when drafting projects for these organizations. We assist you in securing the necessary funding in the shortest time possible. We have the ability to find qualified professionals to provide the necessary expertise for any type of project. Our team of government affairs consultants specializes in developing project proposals. We have the expertise and extensive experience necessary to develop good quality proposals containing even the most complicated and demanding criteria. Through our network of contacts with program or governmental officials we provide you with valuable insights and up to date information.

Using experience we have gained from previous projects and in cooperation with our strategic partners we provide the following services:

  • Drafting of Project proposals and applications
  • Locating and qualifying financial resources for Applications
  • Develop consensus for project syndication
  • Contract negotiations with governmental and multinational funding organizations
  • Locate and secure support for project feasibility studies
  • Develop policy and political guidance on country matters
  • Guide the projects from the formulation stages thru project design and funding to post funding project audit reviews
  • Partner research and development/formation of project criteria
  • Expert team development

Cooperate as an international partner on projects, or qualifying international project partners.