What is Pen Testing and Ethical Hacking?

A penetration test is when an ethical hacker is authorized to attempt a manual “Risk Based” security evaluation of an entity’s internal and external information technology presence. It is designed to test the effectiveness of existing security controls against a “real world” hacking scenario.


Why do I need a Penetration Test?

There are many driving factors for an organization to conduct a Penetration Test, but the most common reason involves compliance with an IT Governance standard such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). While compliance is important, other reasons to conduct a penetration test include the protection of intellectual property, avoiding network downtime, and perseverance of corporate image and customer loyalty.

A penetration and vulnerability assessment test can reveal:

  • If installed security system is inadequate and can be bypassed and whether  and how the system reacts to attack. This could help managers or IT persons in your company feel implicated.
  • Reveal which information can be obtained from outside of the network.
  • Put into test the security of an environment and qualify its resistance to a certain level of attack.
  • Reveal whether it is possible to break into the system, using available or existing knowledge and which information becomes accessible, if the system is broken into
  • In addition to a security scan: a penetration test or vulnerability assessments can reveal security problems caused by some inconsistency between elements. Complex interactions are sometimes difficult to apprehend during an audit which focus on architecture, IP filtering, operating systems, web servers, and applications, one by one.

How is a penetration test performed?

Penetration tests are typically performed using manual and automated technologies. Vulnerability scanners allow the ethical hacker to cover a lot of ground very quickly, however, a true penetration test does not exclusively rely on vulnerability scanner results and it tells an organization not only what is vulnerable but what can be compromised. Additionally, the penetration test report should not contain false positives as reported issued are confirmed through exploit validation. In some cases, the penetration test report may contain findings that were not exploited.

Why should I hire Stealth – ISS Group to perform my Penetration Test?

When looking to outsource a Penetration Test, hiring the right talent is important and not all penetration testing companies are the same. It’s important that you hire an experienced team that not only employs a proven testing methodology but is capable of mimicking real world threats. Our staff has been performing pen test services for the commercial and highly classified government systems. We ensure that you end us having a realistic picture of your risks, based on your business operations and industry. We believe that, in addition to our skill set, partnering with and providing education to our customers are two of the most important things we can do to foster a secure environment. If you want the job done right then look no further.

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