Custom Services

Do you have a backlog of neglected web or legacy applications that never get the security assessments they need?

Our security team assessed your neglected web applications or legacy systems you need to run your business. Our approach and methodology is more robust, effective and streamlined than automated assessment solutions and is ideal for quickly assessing web applications, while still maintaining appropriate coverage and high quality results. For legacy applications we assess the existing risks your company or data might be exposed to and recommend appropriate solutions to mitigate risk, exposure of data and non-compliancy with regulations.

Features & Benefits:

  • We are able to test non-standard web applications, Web services, legacy systems and other challenging or sensitive environments.
  • Our services integrate into your SDLC, partner testing program, or any other situation requiring on-demand testing of iterations or smaller web applications.
  • Organizations can achieve a baseline level of security for large numbers of applications quickly very quickly.
  • Due to the flexible nature of the service, delivery can be customized to meet your needs. 
  • Upon testing we provide you with a remediation approach to fit your business and technology requirements