Executive Strategy

Executive Strategic Planning

We develop strategic international business plans for CEO’s, directors and senior managers of large international organizations and middle market businesses. The goal is to increase financial returns by developing and improving the executives and organizations decision-making processes.  Our dynamic planning process will focus on addressing both internal and external developments to greatly increase both short and long term financial returns.

Governance and Transparency

Counseling boards of directors and government organizations in effective governance and transparency mechanisms to ensure the organization will excel.  Our comprehensive analysis and plan ensures the responsibilities of the directors and executive managements of the organization is in keeping with the overall strategies and goals of the organization and truly advance the interests of the organization.

Fiscal Responsibility

Financial management focusing on the documentation and adoption of policies, controls and procedures that reflect current industry and accounting practices, on the utilization of sound financial data in planning and decision making, and on the appropriate roles of the board of directors and non-accounting staff in financial operations. Fiscal policy and procedures manuals are reviewed and updated.

Operational Planning

Working with senior management, boards of directors and government organizations to review organizational performance, plan future directions, and initiate and manage change. Steps include pre-planning self-evaluation by senior management, review of performance and operating environment, assessment of possibilities, and selection of future directions, financing strategies, implementation steps and regular review. Clients are encouraged to view change as a positive force and to learn how to utilize change agents within the organization to achieve long-term, dynamic growth.