IT Consulting

STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc. delivers a true IT alternative with a complete range of products and services dedicated to businesses and governments in need of security. For all of your IT projects, our professional and highly experienced consultants are at your service to analyze your requirements and offer a customized solution based on our years of extensive experience in the following areas:

  • IT Strategy and Architecture from Datacentres through SOA to Cloud Services
  • Interim management up to and including CIO and CSO
  • Major IT Transformation including system migration planning and delivery
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Management
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Technology Transitions and Transformation Projects
  • PMO setup and operation, Delivery Frameworks, Governance, MI

STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc. tailors the services we offer to your needs and deliver onsite consulting services for:

  • A finely-tuned implementation
  • Fast and professional implementations for predictable, fixed time and cost implementations

Packaged Services to help you focus on specific implementation activities to ensure simple, fast, and predictable results.

Just making small changes to what you have—building on your existing resources—can reap big returns on your original investment. When you optimize what you have, you enhance your bottom line with minimal investment and position yourself ahead of your competition. We help you create an optimization strategy that aligns your system needs and your business objectives. When you can take advantage of all of your system capabilities, you increase productivity, security and the value you give your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.

Upgrades/Changes and Transformations
Don’t let untapped potential in your system keep you from realizing your full return on investment. STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc. can help you discover those pockets of idle value. Our experts are ready to take you and your enterprise on a results-oriented transformation path. Your objective—and ours—is to ensure that you have the fastest and smoothest transition and transformation possible. We provide the essential services and the expert guidance you need to maximize the potential in your system.

By choosing STEALTH – ISS Group®, you also benefit from our network of partners.