Computer and Data Security

As the Internet continues to grow, businesses are shifting to the digital continuum to work faster, communicate better and establish stronger customer and supplier relationships. But the move toward an increasingly networked business world creates challenges. And security is at the forefront.

Security concerns take many forms. They can be hackers, viruses, bugs, competitors or disgruntled employees. Whatever the security issue, you need to be protected. It’s no longer a matter of choice. It’s a matter of survival.

STEALTH – ISS Group® Inc. works with you to define your security goals and design the right and individual solutions and for your business.

SSTEALTH – ISS Group®’s Inc. services are:

  • to implement new and secure information technologies for regional and international security integration.
  • to inform about the latest IT-technologies, in order to find solutions and realize projects
  • to secure our clients from industrial espionage, threats, vulnerabilities, data and identity theft
  • to inform about data security and protection based on national/internationals standards and guidelines and to implement them (ISO, HIPPA etc).
  • to find security flaws and vulnerabilities in all fields and implement security needs/standard for individual companies, organizations and governments.
  • to design and implement IT security projects and networks
  • to realize complete IT project planning and management for our clients
  • perform vulnerability assessments for web sites and portals with databases, online transactions and data collection features