Are you prepared if disaster strikes?

  • IT is the lifeblood of your organization. If disaster takes your systems down, business critical activity gets put on hold until you can recover.
  • All eyes will be on you and your disaster recovery team. Your success will depend on how much planning and preparation you’ve done for a day everyone hopes will never happen.
  • There’s no time to lose. You must know which vital parts of your infrastructure need to be recovered first. For enterprise-critical processes, prolonged downtime could lead to irreparable loss.
  • Communication will be critical. Everybody, at every level of the organization, will need to know what their role is in a disaster, as well as who is in charge of getting things back on track.



Our Consulting Services

Whether you’re looking for a plan to recover a specific application or an entire IT environment, STEALTH – ISS Group® can take you from planning through design and deployment and into testing.

Our methodology for IT Disaster Recovery Services and Business Continuity Planning is based on industry best practices – ISO/IEC 27031:

  • Define a structure or framework (a coherent set or suite of methods and processes) for any organization – private, governmental, and non-governmental;
  • Identify and specify all relevant aspects including performance criteria, design, and implementation details, for improving ICT readiness as part of your organization’s ISMS, helping to ensure business continuity;
  • Enables your organization to measure its ICT continuity, security and hence readiness to survive a disaster in a consistent and recognized manner.


Along with our consulting we develop practices and procedures to ensure your business operations during a serious system or facility failure can recover with minimal business impact and losses. For this we work with you on:

  • Business Continuity Strategy
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Crisis Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Training and Awareness
  • IT Operations Assessment
  • Table Top Exercises